Bronze case / random key

Bronze case / random key

Минимальная цена игры – больше чем сама покупка
Шанс на выпадение призовой игры – 5%


Activation key on Steam
Key activation in Uplay
Activation key in Origin
Activation in the Epic Games Store
Activation code from the game on Steam
To activate the game key, you must run the Steam client. Then you need to go to the following menu located at the top of the client: Games>Activate on Steam.
Menu to activate the game key on Steam

A window will open with brief information about the activation key. Read this message, and then click Next.

Information about the activation key in Steam
Then accept the digital service subscriber agreement Steam.

Steam subscriber agreement

Now you need to enter the code. Enter the key exactly as it looks in the initial form-along with hyphens (dashes). Keys can have a different look. If you bought the key in one of the online stores, just copy and paste it into this field.

Enter the key to the game Steam

If the key is entered correctly, it is activated, and you will be offered to add the game to the library or put in Steam inventory for further activation, sending as a gift or exchange with other users of the Playground.

If you see a message that the key is already activated, then this is bad news.

The digital key is already activated in the Incentive

How to activate Uplay key
Those who have made a purchase of the game is not in Uplay, often have difficulties with how to activate the key Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six, the Division, Assassin’s Creed in Uplay. Especially for them, as detailed as possible to describe this process is the activation key.
First of all , you need to download The uplay client itself, then install and wait for the update to the latest version and register.
Start the client and open the context menu as shown in the picture.
Then select “activate key” in the Uplay client.
In the appeared me enter the purchased key and click “activate”.
Congratulations, the key for Uplay accepted, and the game appeared in your library, proceed to download.
Activation in Origin
1. Download and install on your computer program Origin (the former name of the program – EA Download Manager or abbreviated EADM), with which you’ll activate the purchased keys and download games.

Tip: in the settings do not forget to specify the folder where you want to install the game.

2. Start Origin. Log in using your data. If you do not have an account in the system, then create it by clicking on “Create account” and follow the instructions.

3. Above right click on deterence and go to the tab “Aktivarovat code of the game.”

4. Enter the activation key (if not, you can buy Origin keys) and click “Next”.

5. Activation took place and the game appeared in the tab “My games”.
6. Now activated the game you need to download (button “Ready to download”), and then install. Some games do not require installation.
7. After successful installation / horse racing you can start playing.

Activation in the Epic Games Store
1. Register a new account at or log in to an existing one. In the settings, specify: region – Russia.

2. Activate the activation key received after purchase via the link.

3. After activation, install the game and play for fun!

Для начала находим, то, что хотим купить, например нажав на каталог. Выбираем любой товар и кликаем по нему:

Затем нажимаем кнопку купить:

Выбираем способ оплаты, вводим EMAIL и нажимаем “Оплатить”

После оплаты переходите на страницу данных покупки.

Приятных покупок!

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